Denver Photography Spots

The 53 Best Denver Photography Spots In 2023 (With Map)

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The best Denver photography spots are, of course the mountains, cityscape and art, and you’ll find some of the best photography spots in Colorado here.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, looking for a good place to take pictures with your friends or for Instagram, doing a wedding or engagement photoshoot, or looking for indoor or outdoor photography locations in Denver, these spots will not disappoint!

Keep reading for Nearby Photo Locations to Denver – Including the most photographed spot in Colorado, and Places to take Pictures in Littleton and Thornton, CO.

As always, the titles on each location have up-to date hours or more info!

Map of the Best Denver Photography Spots

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The 53+ Best Denver Photography Spots

1. Denver International Airport

If you find yourself flying in or out of Denver, or if you can drive someone to the airport, the Denver International Airport is a great spot for photos because of its tent inspired architecture. The Denver International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States, and it is also one of the largest, so there are plenty of photo opportunities.

Downtown Denver Photography Spots

2. 16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall is a pedestrian and transit mall in Denver. The Denver Pavilions are a group of buildings on the 16th Street Mall that house retail shops and restaurants. They’re great place to take photos because of their unique architecture and vibrant atmosphere.

3. Denver Beer Trail

Take yourself on the Denver Beer Trail for photos of the best breweries in what’s called the “Napa Valley of Beer”! The Trail lets you sample some of Denver’s best craft beer while getting great photos. Many of Denver’s breweries are located in historic buildings, so you can get architecture photos as well as murals on the buildings.

4. Larimer Square

Larimer Square is Denver’s oldest block (with cobblestone streets) with restaurants, bars and shops. The square is a popular spot for events and festivals, and is a great place to take photos of the historic buildings, Denver skyline and lively atmosphere.

5. Union Station

Denver Union Station is a 100-year-old train station that was restored in 2014 into a hotel, restaurant, and shopping center and Amtrak station.

Take photos of the beautiful old-world architecture and interiors, grand clock tower entrance (inspired by London’s Big Ben), beautiful outdoor patio, Great Hall and Denver skyline in the background. The Denver Union Station Neighborhood Co.’s free walking tours are a great way to learn about the history of the area and get photos!

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6. The Denver Mint

The Denver Mint is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Denver and one of only two US mints that produces circulating coins.

Take photos of the historic building, interesting process of making coins, and Denver skyline in the background.

Note: The website says the Mint is currently closed for tours, so check before you go!

7. Blue Bear Statue (โ€œI see what you meanโ€)

You can find this well-known, 40-foot tall giant blue bear sculpture at the Colorado Convention Center – he’s looking in the windows! Catch the Denver skyline in the background, too.

8. Denver Art Museum (DAM)

Take photos here of the Frederic C. Hamilton Building, an iconic Denver structure, and the Martin Building. The museum has over 70,000 pieces of art to admire while you’re there for inspiration! You can also eat at The Ponti and take photos with the outdoor art.

9. Rockmount Ranch Wear

Grab a vintage Western shirt at this legendary store! It was started in 1946 by Jack A. Weil, known as “Papa Jack”, who not only is the oldest CEO living in the US, but also the person who popularized Western wear.

10. Denver Performing Arts Complex

This complex is 12 acres of buildings and entertainment events, where you can attend and photograph the architecture, performances (when allowed) and more!

11. American Museum of Western Art

Take photos of the historic Navarre building where this museum is located, as well as the Anschutz Collection, saloon art that portrays the West in all its glory.

12. Tattered Cover Book Store

This historic book store is huge and has columns and walls full of books up to the ceiling – perfect for bookstore-themed photoshoots!

13. Dairy Block (LoDo Neighborhood)

Go to this historic neighborhood to check out Dairy Block, a district full of shopping, breweries and restaurants, plus a co-working space and a The Maven Hotel. You’ll find plenty of photo ops here, from street art and food to more.

Go to the alley from 18th to 19th Street between Black and Wazee Streets for the best murals, art & quotes!

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14. Civic Center Park

The buildings here are over a century old, and they’re great to photograph for architecture and photoshoots. There’s a Greek Amphitheater, the Voorhies Memorial, the McNichols Civic Center Building and Carnegie Library, plus historic statues to find here.

15. Coors Field

Take pictures of the outside of this structure, which is pretty magnificent, or you can host private events here like weddings. Alternatively, do the obvious and go to a game or event and take pictures!

Denver Nature & Parks Photography Spots

16. Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

Red Rocks is one of Denver’s most popular attractions, and for good reason – the views here are incredible with the red rock formations. The Park spans 738 acres and is the traditional land of the Ute, Cheyenne and Arapahoe, just some of the many Native American Tribes that originated in Colorado.

Where can I take pictures at Red Rocks?

You can take photos from anywhere in the park, but some of the best spots are at the top of the stairs, on the rocks themselves or from one of the many lookout points.

You’ll find a lot of diversity in the rock formations due to the geology here, but some of the well known ones are “Ship Rock” and “Creation Rock”, two of the tallest formations in the park (taller than Niagara Falls!).

Get photos of the amphitheater, which is the only all-natural amphitheater (not man-made) in the world, and it has perfect acoustics – you can find concerts here regularly with your favorite artists!

Also stop by the Colorado Music Hall of Fame in Morrison (right by Red Rocks Park, 30 minutes drive from Denver) for photos of the eagle and info about Colorado’s famed musicians!

Colorado Music Hall of Fame

17. Bear Creek Canyon

This canyon is a great place to take nature photos, with towering cliffs, a river and trails, plus the Denver Mountain Parks Scenic Drive.

18. Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens are located in two locations: Chatfield Farms and York Street. Take photos of the over 45 gardens and plant collections.

Check out their events for more photo ops, such as the July Lavender Festival or summer Music at the Gardens.

19. Confluence Park

This park is close to Downtown Denver. Get photos of mountain views, the trails, Cherry Creek and South Platte Rivers and Speer Boulevard Bridge. There are kayakers, tubers, bikers, fishers and more to photograph, too.

20. Cheesman Park

There’s a Greek Pavilion with fountains you can photograph in this 80-acre park with a huge lawn and mountain views. They also show a free movie each week during the summer months.

Creepy fact: Cheesman park was converted from a cemetery, and sometimes bones are unearthed.

21. Washington Park

Washington Park is located in South-Central Denver. Take pictures of the historic architecture, lake, boat house, and flower gardens. You can also find a recreation center, playgrounds and tennis courts here.

22. Commons Park

Located at 15th & Little Raven near the Millennium Bridge, Commons Park is a great spot for photoshoots. It runs along the South Platte River, and has nature plus city views on the East side of the park. Go to Little Raven Street, which is lined with trees, for some great photo locations, and the Common Ground feature with stairs and interesting architecture by Barbara Grygutis.

23. City Park

City Park is Denver’s largest, and is home to The Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Ferril and Smith Lakes, a boathouse, golf course and more. You can get photos of all these attractions, plus the city skyline and sculptures.

Best Places To Take Pictures Of Mountains In Denver

Where can I go to see a view in Denver?

Besides the places already mentioned with Mountain views in this post, here are the top spots in Denver to get photos of the amazing views:

24. The Mile High Step

The 15th step at the entrance to the Capitol Building is the original “Mile High Step”, as it was one mile above sea level when originally measured. It was re-measured in 1969, and the 18th step was marked, and then again in 2003, when the 13th step was marked. Go to any of these steps for amazing photos of the sunset with the Rocky Mountains!

25. Anschutz Family Sky Terrace

This rooftop is located in the Denver Museum of Nature & Science – go on select mornings for solar telescope viewings!

26. Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is the worldโ€™s first cable-stayed bridge, and has amazing views of the city to boot!

27. 54Thirty Rooftop Bar

If you’re 21 and up, this rooftop bar at the Le Meridien Hotel has THE most amazing city views! Also catch the neon signs for some Instagram shots. Go anytime for curated cocktails and charcuterie, and on Thursday nights for the DJ.

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28. The Source Hotel Denver & Market Hall

Located in the River North Art District, this Denver gem boasts more than just its amazing views. It’s a food hall that has a beer garden with on-site brewed Belgian beers, an indoor-outdoor restaurant called The Woods, a rooftop pool, and hotel rooms!

๐Ÿ˜ด Stay at The Source Hotel Denver

Denver Buildings, Museums & Entertainment Venue Photography Spots

29. Molly Brown House Museum

“The Unsinkable Molly Brown” was a socialite who survived the Titanic, but also was an activist and philanthropist. Her opulent home was designed by architect William Lang and has influences of Richardsonian Romanesque and Queen Anne design, plus artifacts inside to photograph.

Molly bought the house after its original owners, and rented it out to others so the property has a rich and fascinating history.

30. Daniels & Fisher Tower

Built in 1910, this historic clock tower building used to be the tallest in about half the country – plus, the architecture was inspired by The Campanile (St. Mark’s Bell Tower) in Venice, Italy.

31. Ellie Caulkins Opera House Lobby

Located in the Denver Performing Arts Complex, the Ellie Caulkins Opera House is inside the Quigg Newton Denver Municipal Auditorium, and is one of only 3 opera houses in the country! The lobby is photo-worthy, as is the building for its architectural quality and history.

Also check out the Sculpture Park while you’re here, which you’ll find at the southwest corner of the complex at N. Speer Blvd. and Champa St. and has a lot of giant sculptures to photograph!

32. Landmarkโ€™s Mayan Theatre

You can catch a movie and photos at the Mayan Theatre – it’s a great spot for a photoshoot because of its classic movie theatre vibe!

33. Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

The Denver Museum of Contemporary Art is inside a relatively new building designed by Sir David Adjaye OBE. It has become an iconic Denver landmark.

34. Mile High Stadium

You can get a tour of the stadium, go to an event or just go see it on your own for photos! This mile-high stadium is world-renowned and has amazing architectural features.

35. Colorado State Capitol Building

The Capitol building is a great spot for photos because of the unique architecture resembling the US Capitol, and the dome, which is covered in gold leaf from a mine in Colorado to commemorate the Gold Rush. The building’s interior is decorated with so much Colorado Rose Onyx stone, it is thought to be the entire supply in known existence. There is also stained glass and more to be discovered and photographed here!

Denver photography spots State Capitol building

Best Denver Photography Spots: Neighborhoods & Streets

36. RiNo Neighborhood (River North Art District)

This neighborhood has an arts district (see link above) and there are a multitude of murals and galleries just waiting to be photographed!

37. LoDo Neighborhood

This neighborhood was the original Denver because it was where the first gold was discovered! It’s located in lower downtown by Union Station and is a great place for photos because of the historic buildings of the old West, and old warehouses that have been converted into restaurants, bars, and shops. Plus, there are a lot of street art and graffiti murals!

38. Art District on Santa Fe

Go here for photos of the art, which includes murals, galleries, theaters, museums, and more – plus amazing food from all over the world, breweries and events!

Most Instagrammable Places In Denver, Colorado

39. The Articulated Wall Sculpture

Located in Denver Design Center complex, this bright yellow sculpture by Lawrence Argent is 14 feet tall and 40 feet long, and made of aluminum. It’s a great spot for photos because it’s so eye-catching and unusual!

40. Jurassic World Exhibition

Since Denver may be making you think a lot about dinosaurs anyway, why not visit the Jurassic World Exhibition at Denver Museum of Nature & Science? This is a great spot for photos because you can get up close to the life-size dinosaur models and interactive exhibits.

41. Neon sign quote at Urban Farmer

Your Instagram account would likely be remiss without a neon sign. The one at Urban Farmer features the David Bowie quote: “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

Neon signs are everywhere in Denver these days, and you can find others at 54Thirty, The Ramble Hotel, The Milk Market, Stanley Marketplace and more!

42. Rainbow crosswalk on Broadway

Go to the intersection of Broadway and W Irvington Place outside of the Buffalo Exchange to find this crosswalk, which is in support of the LGBTQA+ community, and get a cool Instagram shot!

43. Convergence Station – Meow Wolf Denver

This is an immersive art exhibition with mind-bending art over 4 stories of the building that you’ll have to share in photos!

44. Colfax Ave

This cool Denver street boasts colorful pastel houses that make a perfect photoshoot backdrop. The neighborhood itself is also worth exploring for its restaurants, cafes, bars and shops, like the vintage Lula Rose General Store.

45. The International Church of Cannabis

It’s a fact that cannabis was used in ancient times for worship (I actually do know this from my archaeology degree in Israel – they found evidence at a temple altar). This church, which had been shut down was re-opened for the spiritual aspect of cannabis, which is called “Elevationism”. You definitely do not need to use cannabis, or worship cannabis or anything like that to get cool Instagram photos of the interior of this SUPER colorful church!

Denver Photography Spots: Restaurants

46. Cruise Room

This is Denver’s most historic bar from the Prohibition era, and one of the most-loved in the city. Photograph the art deco interior, the bottle-shaped layout and, of course, your drinks! It’s located in The Oxford Hotel with Urban Farmer, so go get a photo of that neon sign too!

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47. The Cow an Eatery

This restaurant has the best view of Red Rocks. It’s technically located in Morrison, CO but it’s right on the border of Red Rocks Park and accessible to Bear Creek Trail! My parents have been and reported that this place has the best food and service as well.

48. Avanti Food & Beverage

This food hall has all kinds of restaurants and breweries, plus a rooftop bar and deck where you can get cocktails and take photos.

49. Beatrice & Woodsley

This place has been temporarily closed due to Covid, but watch for its reopening – it has interior design inspired by the forest and a wine cellar.

50. Little Man Ice Cream

This ice cream shop is located inside a 28-foot high milk can on 16th Street, with a vintage feel. Get some ice cream and have a photoshoot here!

You can also visit their 6,000-foot ice cream factory and tasting room at another location, and there’s more locations in Colorado with even more unique photo ops!

51. Punch Bowl Social

This place, located inside what used to be a General Store, has it all: arcade games, bowling, table games, karaoke, food and desserts plus cocktails and beer at multiple bars, events and more fun! Go here for fun photoshoots and a fun time.

Denver Hotels To Photograph

52. Hotel Teatro & The Study

The downtown Hotel Teatro Denver is a boutique four-diamond hotel that’s newly renovated inside a historic building that’s great for photos. You can also grab photos of the Rocky Mountains here.

The Study has books, couches and a fireplace. You can work and study here, there’s coffee, and there’s even a hideaway called The Nickel Bar with cocktails.

๐Ÿ˜ด Book Your Stay at Hotel Teatro Denver

53. The Ramble Hotel

The uber-photographic Ramble Hotel is located in the RiNo neighborhood and has a bar with theater and events, and is just so gorgeous it’s worth going to get some photos or do a photoshoot!

๐Ÿ˜ด Book Your Stay at The Ramble Hotel Denver

Nearby Denver Photography Spots

What is the most photographed spot in Colorado?

The Maroon Bells are the most photographed spot in Colorado, specifically the view of them from the Maroon Creek Valley. These are two mountain peaks located near Aspen, in the White River National Forest’s Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness.

Here are some more photography spots near Denver:

Boulder, CO:

Golden, CO:

  • Lookout Mountain Park, which has amazing views of Denver and the Front Range.
  • Coors Brewery, which offers tours and tastings (for 21 and up) as well as some great photo ops. I went on a tour here when I wasn’t 21 and still loved learning about the process of making beer!

More Colorado photography spots that aren’t too far from Denver:

If you’re exploring more of Colorado, be sure to check out these places (I put links in so you can research them):

Best Places to Take Pictures in Littleton, CO

Littleton is just a few miles South of Denver, and people love it for its mix of small town character and charm – they have a lot of events, including a Mardi Gras celebration, Zombie Crawl and Pig Roast and more! Here’s where to get the best photos in Littleton (the title of each has more info!):

South Valley Park

This part has red sandstone formations and amazing views to photograph, plus trails to hike.

Jackass Hill

Yes, that’s Jackass as in, mules (the title above will take you to the story behind this). This is a great spot for views of Denver, the Front Range and the plains to the east. Also check out Jackass Hill Brewery here.

The Water Tower

This is an iconic Littleton landmark that has been around since 1881. It’s located in downtown Littleton and is a great place to take pictures.

Highlands Ranch

This neighborhood has a lot of character and rich history, and is great for photos.

Olde Town Littleton

This is a historic district in downtown Littleton, CO that’s great for photos and has a lot of charm.

Littleton Museum

The museum includes a gallery, farms, exhibits for kids, a research center and more. Get photos of the farms, nature and buildings as well as the events here!

Farm House at Breckenridge Brewery

Take photos of the rustic interior or back porch view of the mountains, lawn games and fire pits while sipping a beer!

The Hudson Gardens

A beautiful spot for photos with its flowers, sculptures and gardens. There’s a beekeeping program, beautiful scenery and a coffeeshop and gift shop. It’s also an events center so it’s great to get photos of events, and/or have an event here, like weddings and more.

Hildebrand Ranch Park

A great spot for nature photos with its views of the mountains and Denver. The trail is closed currently.

Aspen Grove

A beautiful shopping center that also has outdoor activities. It’s a great spot for photos with its flowers, trees, events, restaurants and views.

Chatfield State Park

A great spot for nature photos with its mountain views, lakes and wildlife.

Robert F Clement Park

A historic park that’s perfect for photos with its views of the city and mountains.

More places to check out in Littleton, CO:

Ketring Park, South Platte Park, the Balloon Festival, Ken Caryl Ranch, Wind Crest, Eaglewood Lake, Pirates Cove Water Park, the Littleton Museum, Roxborough State Park, SeaQuest Littleton and Breckenridge Brewery for more!

๐Ÿ“ธ Best Places to Take Pictures in Thornton, CO

๐Ÿ‘‰ Eastlake #3 Park & Nature Reserve

Get photos here of the gazebo, tennis court, playground, walking paths and the lake.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Thornton Recreation Center

This is a great place for sporty photos with its indoor pool, gymnasium, basketball courts and more.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Thornton Art Festival

Get artsy photos here of the paintings, sculptures, photography and more.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Carpenter Park

This is a great spot for photos with its carousel, boathouse, courts for shuffleboard, tennis and more, pavilions, playgrounds, walking paths and picnic areas.

๐Ÿ‘‰ There are also several murals located throughout Thornton that make for great photo ops!

๐Ÿ‘‰ Some other places to check out in Thornton, CO:

Maize in the city (maze), Hillโ€™s Harvest Farmerโ€™s Market, State 38 Distilling, the Platte River Trail, Broomfield Community Park, Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum, Margaret W. Carpenter Rec Center, Denver Premium Outlets, Springvale Park DiscGolf course, Thornton Veterans Memorial, The Summit Bowling Alley and Mother Tucker Brewery!

๐Ÿ“ธ What To Consider When Choosing The Best Photography Spots In Denver, CO

๐Ÿ‘‰ Time of day and lighting. Look at where the sun is rising and setting from, and make sure the light is facing towards your subject to avoid shadows.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Composition and character. Make sure to line things up in the frame how you want to. Using the rule of thirds (your phone or camera probably has a grid setting to help you) and using symmetry are great ways to do this!

๐Ÿ‘‰ Plan ahead when needed. If you know there might be crowds, going early is always the best option! You can also plan what you’re wearing to match the background or theme of what you’re photographing.

What you’ll need for Colorado Travel

๐Ÿ‘‰ For flights, WayAway is a flight aggregator that helps you find the cheapest flights. Use the code MUKI-TRAVELS for 10% off WayAway Plus.

๐Ÿ‘‰ To rent a car in Colorado, is a great tool to use.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Find more tips on things like travel insurance, what to pack, and more on my travel resources page.

Where To Stay In Denver, CO On Any Budget

โœ… Budget Option: 11th Avenue Hostel

The 11th Avenue Hostel, which was just renovated in 2022, has an incredibly photogenic interior with a well-lit lobby and bright colors. They also offer walking tours, an on-site cafe and ice cream shop, a kitchen, library, and a patio. You can book a private or shared room, and it’s close to downtown. There are also gel-memory foam beds and blackout curtains!

๐Ÿ˜ด Book Your Stay at the 11th Avenue Hostel

โœ… Mid-Tier Option: Grand Hyatt Denver

The Grand Hyatt Denver is a Four Diamond AAA award-winning hotel in Denver’s Business District, in walking distance from the 16th Street Mall. They have an indoor pool, fitness facility, tennis court and jogging track, a photogenic lobby with fireplaces, and a market, bar and kitchen with 3 daily meals. You can also get amazing photos of the mountains from the hotel!

๐Ÿ˜ด Book Your Stay at the Grand Hyatt Denver

โœ… Luxury Option: The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station

The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station is a historic luxury hotel in one of the most photographed places in Denver, Union Station. The original architecture has been preserved and each room is unique, making them amazing for photos! Union Station has many restaurants and breweries as well, so you can explore right where you’re staying!

๐Ÿ˜ด Book Your Stay at The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station

Photography Gear for the Best Denver Photography Spots

Here are my top recommendations for photography gear for your camera and/or phone:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Memory Card (for DSLR/SLR/Mirrorless): I use SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards with my DSLR, that prevents issues.

๐Ÿ‘‰ 4-In-One Travel Tripod for cameras, smartphones and doubles as a selfie stick, monopod and as trekking poles! Made with durable and lightweight (2.8 lbs.) aluminum alloy, and it’s super affordable.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Portable chargers/power banks: This is a pack of 2 so you can have a spare.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Portable External Hard Drive: Seagate is one of the best brands for these, and they hold up well – plus, this one is 2TB so it’ll last awhile!

๐Ÿ‘‰ Camera case insert bag: My new obsession: it’s water-resistant, and it fits into any backpack or bag! I use this to switch between my carry-on backpack and day pack.

In Conclusion: The 53 Best Denver Photography Spots

Denver is a great city for photography with its many scenic spots and unique landmarks. There are plenty of places to take photos, whether you’re looking for nature shots, cityscape views or something in between. So get out there and start exploring Denver through your lens!

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