Best Photography Spots in Charlotte, NC

The 55 Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC In 2022 (With Map)

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Looking for the best photography spots in Charlotte, NC? I lived right outside of Charlotte for years and worked in the city during college so I know the area well. There are so many amazing places to take photos in Charlotte, and many also include things to do.

Whether you’re looking for the best photography spots in Charlotte, NC as a guest or resident, this article will lay out all the many places you can take amazing photos – so, let’s get into it!x

best photography spots in Charlotte, NC

As always, if you want hours or more info on any place in this list, just click the link in each title!


55 Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC

Let’s start with murals, because there are just so many of them that I’m putting them all into the same number (because let’s face it, there really is so much more than murals where you can get amazing photos, whether it’s for Instagram or something else)!

1. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Murals

Camp North End Murals

One of the best photography spots in Charlotte, NC is Camp North End because there’s more than just murals – and there are A LOT of murals. There’s also other art like sculptures, as well as food, shopping and more on the 76-acre property with landmarks like a water tower (literally, all the photo ops here)!

This area used to be a car factory and military depot, and today has events, residences and more. Take photos with the reused industrial buildings, swings, shipping crates and other amenities here!

The next two are at different locations (and there are more than that too, so make sure you go to the right ones)! These are both popular murals in Charlotte:

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Make People Feel Loved Today Colorful Striped Mural NoDa Location

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Confetti Hearts Wall South End Location

Krispy Kreme Donut Mural

Grab a donut and get a photo in front of the donut wall!

Bossy Beulah’s: Bossy Mural

This restaurant has both amazing chicken sandwiches and a super cool, Instagrammable mural!

Tupelo Honey “Kiss My Grits” Wall

Go for a Southern Comfort Brunch, and even bring your dog if you have one because there’s a special dog menu!

Popbar Wall

There’s a purple wall that’s perfect for an Instagram shot with one of the popsicles from here.

Berrybrook Farm Natural Foods Mural

This is such a cool and unique place that has natural foods (as it states in the name), but also has a mural people love to photograph. I’ll bet you can find more photo ops here, too!

Instagrammable best photography spots in Charlotte, NC:

2. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Stairs at Metropolitan Charlotte

This is also a mural spot, but it gets its own number because there are murals on stairs, and it’s a whole district in Midtown with shops and eateries, live music, workout classes, a market and more, so there are a lot of Instagram opportunities waiting for you here.

3. Candid: The Selfie Museum

This is another one of the best photography spots in Charlotte, NC because it’s a fun place that’s great for BOTH photos and selfies (hence the name, Candid)!

They have different exhibits with fantastical backdrops and interactive props that make for great photos. They also have a coffee shop inside, so you can get your caffeine fix here too.

4. Reece Boutique

You can get both photos and clothing for your Instagram pics at this boutique! They have amazing of-the-moment and evergreen fashion pieces here, perfect for a full-on Instagram photoshoot day!

They have different backdrops, like a Hello Charlotte one and a swing, that make for great photos. They also do events, so keep an eye out for those too.

5. Cafe Monte French Bakery & Bistro

This place has great French cuisine, but you can also get those Insta-worthy shots with the storefront, or grab some macarons and a coffee and do a French-inspired shoot!

6. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Social Cow Truck

Vintage ice cream truck photoshoot, anyone? Just say yes to amazing ice cream and a super-cool truck!

7. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: El Thrifty

This is just the coolest Mexican restaurant with gambling and games, including mini duck pin, golf simulator, shuffleboard, pop-a-shot and hockey de aire – actually PERFECT for an Instagram photoshoot (and amazing food) because they also have art, cocktails, events and even colorful, outdoor wicker swings!

Grab a friend and go get those shots (yes, I do mean both kinds)!

8. Metalmorphosis Sculpture

Get a super unique Instagram photo with this disco-ball-esque metal head sculpture! It’s 16 feet tall and located in the Whitehall Corporate Center.

9. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Pillars of Dreams

This amazing sculpture is located at the Valerie C Woodard Center. It’s not the building that’s important here, because it’s for offices – the star of your Instagram is the pavilion, where the Pillars of Dreams installation lives. It’s like a cloud on pillars, and you can play around with the light and angles in your shots!

10. Two Scoops Creamery

This place has both Instagrammable ice cream and backgrounds, from the building exterior to wall art.

11. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Latta Arcade

Located in an old cotton mill, this shopping and dining center is another great spot to get some of the best photography in Charlotte, NC because of its architecture and history – it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Get some unique perspective photos during the day of the skylight, green Spanish tiles and pilasters along with other unique elements, and at night of the string lights. Plus, grab a beer and pizza and chill while you’re there!

12. Midnight Diner

Since when are diners not a great idea for your Instagram photo grid? This one’s open 24/7, so you can get those late-night or early morning shots of the neon lights, patriotic elements and more for some Americana-themed photos!

13. Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

This is a great place for photos any time of day, but I love the night shots with the lights on in the atrium. You can also get some great photos of the art inside, and they have different exhibitions all the time so there’s always something new to see and photograph! It’s part of the Levine Arts Center, which has a lot of events.

14. Southern Grace Distilleries 

This place is great for a couple of reasons – you can get shots of the distillery equipment and barrels, as well as some gorgeous photography of the Charlotte, NC skyline from the rooftop bar! They offer tours of the facility, so you can learn about how they make their moonshine, vodka and whiskey while you’re there. Plus, it’s in a retired prison from 1929. Cheers!

15. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: NoDa neighborhood

This is a historic arts and entertainment district with some amazing street art, as well as cool architecture and interesting shops. It’s perfect for a day of exploring and taking photos of all the murals and all your adventures, whether it’s the cat cafe (Mac Tabby) which has beer, coffee and cats, any of the amazing and unique restaurants, local tattoos, or shopping!

Best Outdoor Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC

Here are just some of the many amazing outdoor photography spots in Charlotte, NC – keep reading through this list for even more in the wedding and skyline photos sections!

16. UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

There are greenhouses, a Japanese-themed garden and more here to explore and photograph!

17. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Freedom Park

This huge park is 98 acres and is what Central Park is to NYC, but in Charlotte! You can get great photos of the lake, trees, playgrounds, flowers and more.

18. McGill Rose Garden

This garden is near Uptown and right by NoDa, and is a favorite photography spot in Charlotte, NC for any kind of photoshoot, such as engagement and wedding shoots. Check out Rosie’s Coffee & Wine shop while you’re there!

19. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Carowinds

You’ll need to purchase tickets for this amusement park, where you can get photos of the rides, murals, food and more. They also have many festivals and events throughout the year.

20. Charlotte Rail Trail

This is a public, 3.5-mile trail throughout the city that has cafes and bars, art galleries, events, lights at night, a pedestrian bridge, retail and so much more – go explore and take all the photos you want!

21. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Lake Norman

Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake in NC that spans Charlotte and the surrounding suburbs. You can find yacht clubs, docks and more and get some great photos, or find on-the-water activities to photograph!

22. US National Whitewater Center

This is a great spot to get some adventure photos! There are water sports, events and festivals here so the photo ops are abundant.

23. Wing Haven Garden & Bird Sanctuary

This is a beautiful garden with peacocks, fountains and more, perfect for a nature-themed photoshoot – and there are events here as well.

24. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Midtown Park

This park is known for an interactive sculpture called the Braille Music Box that translates braille letters to music.

25. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

This is another one of the best photography spots in Charlotte, NC because you can check out the orchid conservatory, Jazz concerts, photo sessions and more during all seasons of the year, and have events like weddings!

26. Charlotte Motor Speedway

Confession: I’m not a NASCAR fan, but I did go to the speedway twice in college: once, for the Coca-Cola 600 with a friend (we got to sit in Jimmy Johnson’s box), and again for the premiere of the Pixar movie Cars!

When I went for the race, I got to tour the grounds and go to the middle of the track – it’s pretty cool, even with me not caring at all about racing, to see this place! Plus, they have events you can check out as well.

27. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Independence Park

This is the oldest public park in Charlotte so it has some history, and you can get photos at the gazebo, of the Charlotte skyline views, a rose garden, large trees, the pond and more here.

28. McDowell Nature Center & Preserve

If you love to camp and want some camping photos, this is a good spot, but you’ll need a reservation more than 24 hours in advance.

29. Anne Springs Close Greenway

This is technically in Fort Mill, SC, but it’s right by Charlotte. It’s a HUGE park (like, over twice as big as Central Park) with multiple lakes, outdoor activities and a ton of events, including the All-American Beer Dinner, Walking Tour, Yoga and so much more.

Places to take pictures Uptown Charlotte, NC

There are more outdoor and indoor photo spots in Uptown, including:

30. Merchant & Trade Rooftop Bar

Get more than just photos here – get cocktails made with locally-crafted spirits and house-made mixers, local beer, events and amazing views!

31. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Marshall Park

This park has a lot of history as it was the site of many protests and speeches, including Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech. You can get some great photos of the skyline from here, as well as shots of the park itself. There’s a fountain, a lake, views of the skyline, a Martin Luther King Jr. statue and a Holocaust Memorial.

32. Fourth Ward Park

Get garden and park photos here, plus there are events like a Halloween Parade, a sip and stroll and more.

33. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: The Green

This is a small park near the Mint Museum and Bechtler Museum, next to a historic church (St. Peter’s) and the Convention Center. The park has a theme of world literature and there are sculptures and a fountain.

34. Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts & Culture

Check out this museum for events, art and more – and get photos to share about African-American history and art, and more!

35. Levine Museum of the New South

This museum is all about the history and culture of the New South – a perfect Charlotte, NC photography spot that shows the transformation of Charlotte! They have walking tours, events, concerts and more.

36. NASCAR Hall of Fame

Another NASCAR spot, if you’re looking for photos of the local claim-to-fame sport. The building itself is actually pretty cool for photos, and you can see the exhibits inside.

Best Indoor Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC

There are more indoor photos spots in the rest of this article as well, but here are some specifically for good indoor shots:

37. Ding Tea Charlotte

This local place with amazing Taiwanese tea has a swing that’s perfect for Instagram photos!

38. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Milk Cha-Cha

Get a photo here in front of the cat art and the “you look tea-riffic” spots on the wall!

39. La Belle Helene

This is an upscale, trendy French restaurant that’s great for classy photos. You’ll need to make reservations to eat here, but you can take photos in the lobby without dining.

40. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Optimist Hall

This is a new food hall where you can get photos of the hall itself as well as the food at the restaurants, the bars and specialty shops.

41. RedEye Diner

Get some classic diner photos and enjoy the amazing food at this spot that has some great reviews!

42. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Queen Park Social

Get a variety of photos at this social club that has bowling, food, events and more – be sure to find the neon crown sign and get a picture!

43. Stroke Putt

Do a mini-golf photoshoot at this award-winning spot, which also hosts burlesque shows – another excellent photoshoot opportunity!

44. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: Waverly

Waverly is a photogenic district with shopping, restaurants, events and self-proclaimed “urban energy”.

Best Skyline Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC

Here’s where to take pictures of Charlotte skyline:

45. Romare Bearden Park

This is a lively park that has amazing skyline views, plus live music, a nearby Mellow Mushroom pizzeria, events and more fun!

46. Cloud Bar by David Burke

Get skyline photos from this uber-cool bar with cocktails, beer and bites to enjoy.

47. Fahrenheit Charlotte

This is a restaurant with amazing skyline views from the roof, which also has amazing food and drinks plus a fire pit, pool and herb garden. They take reservations and require business-casual dress.

48. Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC: First Ward Park

This is an uptown park with an amazing skyline view with a sculptural overhang in the foreground.

49. Hawthorne Lane Bridge

This bridge, and the following one, are among the best photography spots in Charlotte, NC for their amazing skyline views!

50. Central Avenue Bridge

Also check out Lower Truck near here for skyline photography of Charlotte.

Best Wedding Photography Spots in Charlotte, NC

Here is where you can take wedding portraits in Charlotte, NC:

51. The Mint Museum

This is also an uptown location, but it’s popular for wedding and engagement photos. They have a lot of beautiful art inside as well, if you want photos with a cultural element.

52. The Duke Mansion

This historic mansion is now a bed and breakfast, but you can also take photos on the grounds, in the gardens and more – no need to be a guest!

53. Little Sugar Creek Greenway

This is a long trail with sections, and many places for photoshoots filled with greenery.

54. The Morehead Inn

This is a luxurious and historic mansion that now functions as a bed and breakfast, event venue, and more. You don’t have to be a guest to take photos on the grounds.

55. VanLandingham Estate

This American-craftsman home is the site of many weddings and engagement photoshoots, events and more.

Best Photography Spots in Concord, NC to Check Out

Concord is super close to Charlotte, NC so if you find yourself there, here are more places that are great for photoshoots, Instagram and more:

👉 Home of the 90s Museum

This is a great spot for some 90’s-themed photos for your Instagram! You’ll feel straight out of a 90’s sitcom in this museum. Plus, the wall murals are painted by local artists!

👉 Mustang Owners Museum

This is what it sounds like – a museum full of mustangs, waiting for you to get some photos with them!

👉 Sea Life

Located in Concord Mills mall, this is an aquarium with a wide variety of sea creatures, from sharks to seahorses. They have an underwater tunnel where you can walk and take photos!

👉 Frank Liske Park

This park is 238 acres, and has a refurbished barn and silo that are great photo spots, where you can also have events (it has AC and heat)!

👉 Concord Mills

This is the largest retail space and outlet mall in North Carolina! There are shops, restaurants, activities, a movie theater and more to explore and find photo opportunities!

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Photography Spots In Charlotte, NC

👉 Time of day and lighting. Look at where the sun is rising and setting from, and make sure the light is facing towards your subject to avoid shadows.

👉 Composition and character. Make sure to line things up in the frame how you want to. Using the rule of thirds (your phone or camera probably has a grid setting to help you) and using symmetry are great ways to do this!

👉 Plan ahead when needed. If you know there might be crowds, going early is always the best option! You can also plan what you’re wearing to match the background or theme of what you’re photographing.

What you’ll need for Charlotte, NC Travel

👉 For flights, WayAway is a flight aggregator that helps you find the cheapest flights. Use the code MUKI-TRAVELS for 10% off WayAway Plus.

👉 To rent a car in Charlotte, is a great tool to use.

👉 Find more tips on things like travel insurance, what to pack, and more on my travel resources page.

Conclusion: Best Photography Spots in Charlotte, NC

So there you have it – some of the best photography spots in Charlotte, NC! Whether you’re looking for wedding portrait locations, amazing views of the city skyline or just some fun and unique places to take photos, this city has it all. So get out there and start snapping away!

More NC photo spots to discover

While the state of North Carolina has the mountains and the beach, Charlotte is kind of in the middle. If you don’t live there already, I’d suggest going when you’re in-between places like Asheville, Raleigh and the beach to check out this city!

And, check out this page for more US places to visit and photograph.

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