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73 Best Photography Spots In London In 2023 (With Map)

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Looking for the best photography spots in London? London is one of the most quintessential travel locations to photograph. It’s no wonder so many films are set in the city because of its characteristic qualities and landmarks that you can’t find anywhere else.

This article is meant to be your photography guide to London, so when you’re there, just click on the map and plan out your locations. Also, each spot’s title is linked to websites with information on hours open, location, costs (if applicable), and more!

At the end of this post, you’ll find more information on photography gear for London, tips, the best photo tours and where to stay in London for any budget.

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Map of the Best Photography Spots in London

The Top 10 Best Photography Spots In London

Before getting into all the top photography spots in London, here are my top 10 best spots for photos in London – the most iconic and must-photograph places!

1. Big Ben

Fun fact: Big Ben is only the name for the bell – but it’s used to refer to the entire clock tower, the name of which is The Elizabeth Tower. This icon to the skyline of London and the world was built in 1859. After undergoing major renovation for years, it’s finally back from hiding under its scaffolding and the bells are finally chiming again, so you can definitely get those iconic London pics!

Big Ben scaffolding London UK skyline
With scaffolding when I visited in 2019

2. London Eye

Also known as The Millennium Wheel, this is a ferris wheel that is used for observation and views of London – and it’s the most visited paid tourist attracted in the UK. It opened in 2000, and was the world’s highest ferris wheel at the time. It also used to be the highest observation point in London until it was surpassed by The Shard observation deck (which is featured later in this article).

You can get amazing photos from the ferris wheel cars, as well as pictures of the wheel from various viewpoints around the city!

London Eye and Thames River London England UK best photography spots in London

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3. Tower Bridge

Take photos of this iconic bridge from Westminster, or visit the bridge itself for panoramic city views from high altitude walkways and glass floors, plus learn the history and get photos! You can do both with this tour:

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Get this combination Tower Bridge and Westminster Walking Tour

For an Instagrammable shot, find the Girl With A Dolphin Statue (which has been there for nearly 50 years) with the Tower Bridge in the background!

4. Buckingham Palace

The home of the Queen, the iconic changing of the guard ceremony, and so much more is waiting to be photographed through your lens at Buckingham Palace! This is definitely a place that has to top your list of quintessential pics of London.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Get this Tour of Buckingham Palace with the Changing of the Guards Ceremony

London Buckingham Palace UK England Best photography spots in London

5. Houses of Parliament/Palace of Westminster

Another staple of London, the Palace of Westminster is the location where the House of Commons and House of Lords meet, which are the houses of Parliament in the UK. It’s located next to Westminster Abbey. The Old Palace was built in the Medieval period and subsequently destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt and named the New Palace in 1834. It’s part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Photograph the Houses of Parliament building for its history and architecture. You can also get this tour to expedite your entry and have a guide so you know what you’re photographing:

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Get a Skip the Line ticket to the Houses of Parliament & Westminster Abbey Fully-Guided Tour Here

6. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is located in the West End in the City of Westminster, and is a junction of roads with an open circle in the middle. It’s located near shopping and entertainment venues. It appears in a lot of photography and films because of its neon signs and video screens (kind of like Times Square in New York City), plus Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and a statue of Anteros (which is commonly mistaken for Eros).

7. Nealโ€™s Yard 

This is one of the prettiest streets in London, but it’s easy to miss. You’ll want photos here, though, because of the colorful buildings and plants everywhere that give it a storybook feel!

It’s located in a courtyard in Covent Gardens with lots of sustainable businesses, including restaurants and cafes.

8. Burlington Arcade

This Shopping Arcade built in 1818 was one of the first covered shopping areas in London, and offered exclusive, luxury goods. The walkway is amazing for photographs because of its symmetry, beauty and covered roof design.

  • 007 Installation
  • Piccadilly Facade with Sculptures
  • Beadles who patrol the Arcade. They wear traditional top hats and coats.
  • Near Piccadilly Arcade

9. Westminster Cathedral

Westminster Cathedral is the “mother church of Catholics in England” and is over 100 years old. It’s amazing to photograph for its Byzantine-style architecture and art. There are hundreds of mosaics, over 100 marble varieties, and more.

The outside is spectacular with dramatic red brick and white stripe design, and most tourists easily miss this hidden gem that will make you feel like you’re in Italy! The belltower appears in Alfred Hitchcockโ€™s Foreign Correspondent.

10. St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Called the most romantic building in London, this Victorian hotel is absolutely awe-inspiring! Get a photo of the staircase, which is famous as one of the most gorgeous in all of London.

The amazing exterior was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, and doubles as the facade for the main termini in London. It was used as a film location for Harry Potter. The suites are extravagant, and there’s also a spa, bars and a hotel inside.

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Best Photography Spots in London: Most Instagrammable Parks & Gardens

What follows are parks and gardens throughout London that are excellent photography spots and photoshoot locations:

11. Parliament Square Garden

This public square, located at the northwest end of the Palace of Westminster in central London, is a major tourist attraction. It has a park area with twelve statues of notable people including Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln, plus it has views of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and more.

12. The Hill Garden & Hampstead Pergola

There used to be a manor house here, and now it’s a huge landscaped garden. There’s a raised walkway with gardens and vines and flowers, making a dramatic landscape or backdrop for any photoshoot.

13. Richmond Park

Richmond Park, which covers 2500 acres, is also a wildlife habitat where you can photograph deer, birds, bats, fungi, wildflowers and more. It’s about an hour drive from the center of London. Also look for:

  • King Henry VIIIโ€™s Mound, where you can get a good view of St. Paul’s Cathedral to photograph
  • Pembroke Lodge Tea Room
  • Horseback Riding and Biking

14. St. Jamesโ€™s Park & Green Park

St. James’s Park is next to Buckingham Palace and include the flower gardens in front of the Palace. Stop at St. James’s Cafe and get photos of the fountain and the lake. You can also get photos of The Mall and Horse Guards Parade.

London Horse Guards Road Sign

St. James’s Park and Green Park are also close to the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane Hotel, an art deco hotel that’s very London-esque and amazing for photoshoots, complete with a restaurant, bar and more amenities. It’s all just a short walk from Buckingham Palace, too.

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15. St. Dunstan in the East Church Garden

A church originally sat at St. Dunstan in the East that was built in 1100, and survived through the Great Fire of London, the Blitz, and WWII. Today, the ruins are part of a public garden that is perfect for all kinds of photoshoots.

16. Kew Gardens

This gorgeous area filled with flowers is part of a major conservation project and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There’s a Victorian Greenhouse on the grounds, as well as a Mediterranean Garden and King William’s Temple, complete with Tuscan porticos and palm trees.

London Kew Gardens King William's Temple best photography spots in London

17. Victoria Embankment Gardens

The Victoria Embankment Gardens are located north of the River Thames outside of Embankment Tube Station and are complete with flowers, trees, walkways, sculptures, memorials and more. You can get a good photo of Charing Cross Station from the gardens.

18. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is enormous and right in the middle of London, so it’s the perfect place to go to unwind and take photos! There are so many photo ops here, from the Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain to the Serpentine (where you can swim), the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen, and the famous Speakers’ Corner where you can go to catch speeches on Sunday mornings.

The park is the largest of four parks that run from Kensington Gardens to Kensington Palace. I’m pretty certain I walked all of these (maybe with part of it being on a double-decker bus) while on a long layover where I had 5 hours to explore the city.

London Hyde Park lake swans kids best photography spots in London

Best Photography Spots in London: Best places for skyline & sunset photos

What follows is all the best spots in London for photographers who are looking to get amazing and unique skyline and city view photos! Of course, sunset is an ideal time to get these photos, but anytime you go you’ll still be able to get the best views over London from these places:

19. The Shard

The Shard is a skyscraper – rather, a “vertical city” – located near the Tower Bridge. It’s also the tallest building in the UK and has shops, offices, restaurants, bars, shopping, hotels, like the Shangri-La, and resorts inside. Make sure to make reservations if you go to a restaurant.

View the skyline from:

  • The Observation Deck: the highest point in London. Tickets cost, and you can buy a one-time ticket or an annual pass.
  • GONG cocktail bar
  • Aqua Shard, restaurant and bar
  • Oblix, a restaurant inspired by the NYC skyline
  • TING Lounge and Restaurant
  • Hutong Restaurant
  • The Shangri-La Hotel

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20. Madison Roof Terrace (Rooftop Terrace One)

Take photos on the roof, where you can also grab a New York City-inspired brunch or take a fitness class! Madison is located at the top of the One New Change building, and consists of several rooftop terraces with amazing views over London.

21. Westminster Bridge

The Westminster Bridge, which crosses the River Thames, offers an amazing shot of the Palace of Westminster at sunset. You can also snap photos of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from the bridge.

London Eye and Thames River London England UK Sarah best photography spots in London

22. Waterloo Bridge

Another walkable bridge crossing the River Thames, Waterloo Bridge is located at a bend in the river, allowing amazing views of Westminster, the South Bank and London Eye on the west side, and the City of London and Canary Wharf on the east side.

23. Sky Garden

Sky Garden is London’s highest public garden that has free admission, but you must book a free ticket. There’s also a restaurant that requires reservations, and offers amazing city views – especially at sunset!

24. LSQ Rooftop

Located at 1 Leicester Square, this rooftop bar and restaurant has amazing views over the city from the West End.

25. London Bridge

The London Bridge itself isn’t the prettiest bridge in the city – it’s a replacement for older bridges, so it has a lot of history (before any bridge existed, Bronze Age and Iron Age settlements were there – and there’s more archaeological history to discover as well).

Besides its rich history, the bridge has an amazing view of Tower Bridge and the Thames – so it’s great to go on London Bridge and get photos of the view!

Many films have also used this bridge to show commuters on their way to work, such as About A Boy.

26. Southwark Cathedral

This church is a hidden gem – it’s the oldest church building in London (it’s been there since 606 AD)! It’s located off of Borough Market near the London Bridge Tube Station.

It has quite the history, including restorations throughout the years. It’s beautiful for photos both inside and outside – go at night and get a shot with the lit-up church in the foreground and the modern skyscraper The Shard in the background!

Fun fact: There’s also a resident cat you can search for – his name is Hodge, and he’s a black and white tuxedo cat with his own Instagram account and related gifts in the souvenir shop!

27. Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is an area with shops, cafes and restaurants, events and a free public art collection. It’s located on the Isle of Dogs near Central London. It’s easy to take the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) around the area.

What to see and photograph in Canary Wharf:

  • Adams Bridge
  • Crossrail Plaza
  • Canada Square
  • Cabot Square
  • Westferry Circus
  • West India Docks
  • Modern Skyscraper skyline
  • Roof Garden
  • Lights at Christmastime

Best Photography Spots in London: Most Instagrammable + Aesthetic Places in London

These are the places in London that you must go for Instagrammable shots and artsy photos – the most aesthetic places in London with unique and wonderful things to discover:

28. Leadenhall Market

This market is one of the most historic and beautiful markets in London, dating back to the 14th century. It has covered walkways, Victorian archways, and more to photograph and explore, with shopping and dining. See for yourself:

29. Heals of London Staircase

Called “London’s most photographed staircase”, this iconic fixture – named the Brewer Staircase – located in a furniture shop on Tottenham Court Road is perfect for any London artsy photos you’re looking to acquire!

In case you’re wondering, the staircase was designed by architect Cecil Brewer in 1916, and in 2013 it was restored and the bespoke Bocci chandelier was added.

30. The Churchill Arms Pub

This Kensington Pub belongs in this section (rather than with the other pubs further down in this list) because it stands a bit above the rest – it’s covered with flowers and filled to the brim with Winston Churchill artifacts – plus, Churchill’s grandparents frequented this pub way back in the day. The Pub was originally built in 1750 and is a London icon.

You can get ales here and Thai food, along with all your photos!

31. The Kings Cross Light Tunnel

This is definitely one of those quintessential London Instagrammer’s rite of passage photos – a subway tunnel with shifting rainbow-colored lights in a futuristic design, including an LED wall with art displays. It’s even been used as a fashion show catwalk during London Fashion Week and more!

The tunnel runs from King’s Cross and St. Pancras Stations to Granary Square.

32. Shakespeare’s Globe

A reconstruction of the original Globe Theater, you can see Shakespeare’s plays performed here but it’s also a great spot for aesthetic and insta-worthy pics, because it’s based on evidence from the previous structures that were demolished – the only difference is that it’s smaller. It’s located on the South Bank of the River Thames.

33. Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is a steel suspension bridge you can walk across over the River Thames, connecting Bankside and the City of London. The bridge’s design is based on a “blade of light” concept, so it’s really cool to photograph. Also, it appeared in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Guardians of the Galaxy and other movies.

34. Abbey Road

Abbey Road is the famous thoroughfare where Abbey Road Studios is located, and for the well-known Beatles’ album cover. Abbey Road Studios has also been the recording location for many other well-known artists, such as Lady Gaga, ABBA, Aretha Franklin and Kate Bush.

35. Queenโ€™s House

Get free tickets to the Queen’s House in Greenwich, London, and see an amazing art collection, plus photograph the architecture, which was designed by Inigo Jones and was the first Classical structure in the UK.

Outside, you’ll get photos that look light they’re straight out of a Jane Austen novel; inside, you’ll find portraits, floor designs, another much-photographed staircase and more.

36. Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

Located near Waterloo Station in Lambeth, London, The Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel is also called โ€œBanksy Tunnelโ€. Graffiti is illegal generally in London, but it’s allowed in this 300 meter-long tunnel.

37. The Mews

In London, “Mews” are rows of coach houses and stables with living areas on top. Today, most of these have been refurbished into coveted housing (really – Madonna owns one). “Mews” as a term can also mean the alleyways and streets where these rows of houses are located.

The original term referred to the Royal Stables, and the term comes from the fact that the King’s hawks were “mewed” or confined to an area during molting, which was also called “mew time”.

There are multiple Mews to check out for very Instagrammable and aesthetic photoshoots throughout London, in addition to the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace. Others include:

38. Oxford Street

Oxford Street is Europe’s most visited shopping avenue and the world’s biggest high street, with over 300 shops. It’s located in London’s West End in the City of Westminster, and was originally a Roman thoroughfare called Via Trinobantina.

Get photos of the amazing architecture and streets – just get there before 9 am if you want to avoid the crowds, which typically show up by 11 am.

39. No 1 Poultry

This post-modern architectural gem is amazing for photos both inside and outside. It has a cool shape, strips with pink and yellow limestone, and funky glass design, plus a clock on the outside. It’s a fun, quirky building perfect for your Insta feed!

You can discover references in the building to ancient Egypt, a submarine conning tower, Art Deco from Naples, and more. Plus, the building was divisive – a lot of people hated it, but others loved it when it was built. Today, it’s protected as a Grade II building.

40. Ballerina statue

This hidden statue is perfect for photos because the backdrop is a row of red telephone booths – seriously, how much more “London” can you get?

It’s located near the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, on Broad Street just off of Bow Street. The statue was designed by Enzo Plazotta in 1988.

41. Red Telephone Booths

I know, I know, this one goes without saying, but it still belongs here – who else first started getting travel envy via Instagram back in the day when people posted these kinds of pics?

These were originally designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in a competition in 1924.

London Red Telephone Booth Sarah UK England

42. CitizenM London Bankside Hotel Staircase

CitizenM London Bankside Hotel has another spiral staircase that photographers love, covered in wood. It’s a 6 minute walk from the London Bridge, close to the Globe and Tower Bridge. The hotel has a lot of modern, hip design elements waiting to appear on your Instagram, and is full of tech.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Book Your Stay at the CitizenM London Bankside Hotel

43. The Thames Barrier

The Thames Barrier was constructed to protect the floodplain in London from storms and high tides from the North Sea, and has been in existence since 1982. It’s a great spot for cool photos – you can get perspective shots of the barrier units over the water. This one is a bit of a drive from the center of London, around 40-45 minutes.

Most Instagrammable Underground Stations

The London Tube, Subway, Underground… whatever you call it, here are the most Instagrammable Stations so you can have your camera ready when you’re there:

44. Waterloo Station

Waterloo is the busiest and largest metro station in London. If you come from the airport transit, you’ll probably come through here.

45. London Bridge Station

London Bridge Station is in Central London, and has three levels. The main line station is one of the oldest in the world, originally opening in 1836.

46. Baker Street Tube Station

Baker Street Station is another one of the oldest ones, first built in 1863.

47. Southwark Underground Station

Located between Waterloo and London Bridge, Southwark Tube Station has a lot of great places to photograph.

48. Kingโ€™s Cross Station

Located in Central London, King’s Cross Station is the one famous for its Platform 9 3/4 taken from Harry Potter… Need I say more?

Best Photography Spots in London: Most Photogenic Buildings

Next up is buildings in London that you need to photograph! These are historic and modern buildings that are well-known and make excellent backdrops for photoshoots as well as subjects for photos.

49. Royal Albert Hall

Opened by Queen Victoria in 1871, this concert hall is one of London’s most treasured buildings. It is recognizable for its circular shape. It has a pretty impressive history of events, speeches and more, and still has concerts and events today.

Royal Albert Hall London

50. Royal Courts of Justice

Also called the Law Courts, the Royal Courts of Justice is a Westminster building that houses the High Court and the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. The symmetrical exterior faces The Strand, and is very photogenic; it was designed by George Edmund Street in the Victorian Gothic Revival Style in the late 1880s.

51. The Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe)

This business building, located in London’s Financial District, is known for its modern architecture and sustainability – the first of its kind in London.

52. St Paul’s Cathedral

Located in London’s Central District, St Paul’s Cathedral was first built over 1,400 years ago, though it was destroyed five times since. One of those times was in the Great Fire of London.

You can get photos from One New Change, and it’s also a great location to take night photos. To get inside, worship is free and sightseeing is ticketed. There is a lot of art to see inside, including carvings by Grinling Gibbons, gilded dome murals by Sir James Thornhill, and modern art by Yoko Ono and others.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Get this Skip-the-Line Tour of St Paulโ€™s Cathedral Private Tour in London

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53. Lloyd’s Building

Lloyd’s Building is also called the “inside-out” building because of typically inside features that are on the outside, such as the elevator, ducts and more – put there to maximize the usable inside space, and as part of the Bowellism architectural style.

54. Old Royal Naval College

This UNESCO World Heritage site in Greenwich is known for its Painted Hall, which is known as the Sistine Chapel of Britain. It’s also the location where films like Sherlock Holmes and Thor have filmed scenes.

Best Photography Spots in London: Museums & Galleries

Looking for the best London museums and art galleries to photograph or use for photoshoots? Here’s a list for you:

55. Natural History Museum

London’s Natural History Museum on Exhibition Road in South Kensington is a great spot for photos of the exterior of the building and the indoor exhibits.

There are three major museums on Exhibition Road: this one, the science museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum. You can also get some great street photography here because everyone is always dressed nicely – when I was here, dressed in leggings from my long flight (I was just here on a long layover to explore), I felt severely underdressed.

London street people

56. Victoria & Albert Museum

V&A South Kensington is the world’s largest art and design museum with exhibits from history to modern times. It was founded in 1852 and has over 2.27 million objects. When I was there, there was an exhibit on fashion throughout the years.

57. British Museum

The British Museum is also historic as the first national public museum in the world. Take pictures of the Greek Revival architecture as well as the indoor exhibitions.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Take this Crash Course in Archaeology at the British Museum

58. Roca London Gallery

Roca London Gallery has modern architecture you’ll want to get a photo of and/or with! It was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, and the design is supposed to resemble the effects of water erosion and drops of water.

59. Tate Modern Gallery

Tate Modern is the UK’s National modern and contemporary art gallery, and is one of the biggest contemporary art museums in the world.

Tate Modern Gallery has free admission, but there are exhibitions for which you’ll need to book a ticket in advance, so make sure to check before you go.

Best Photography Spots in London: Most Instagrammable Neighborhoods

Now, for the most photogenic neighborhoods of London! Whether you’re looking for rows of pastel-colored facades, or residences that make you feel like a character in a Jane Austen novel, I got you – read on!

60. Belgravia

Belgravia is a historic Central London district filled with rows of white stucco homes. Historically affluent, this area has been lived in by many distinguished figures. It was originally developed in the 19th-century by Robert Grosvenor, the Marquess of Westminster.

Get photos of the homes with wrought-iron balconies, and the white stucco exteriors with framed windows.

61. Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a historic open-air area located in London’s West End. There are tons of shops, dining, homes, hotels, and more here to discover. Make sure to get photos of:

Want to stay in Covent Garden so you can hang out here? Here are some options:

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62. South Bank & More London

This is the area to the South of the River Thames. Get photos here of:

More London also has shops, cafes and restaurants, and an open-air pedestrian area with sculptures and fountains. Come here at night to photograph the colorful lights! The Hilton London Tower Bridge Hotel is also in this area.

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63. Oxford Circus

Located on Regent Street, this is a large open space where multiple streets converge and you can get great shots showcasing the architecture of the buildings. Regent Street is one of the biggest shopping streets.

64. Notting Hill and Portobello Road

Notting Hill is located in Kensington and Chelsea, and you can find so many photo ops here, like:

๐Ÿ“ธ Book this Colourful Photo Tour at Notting Hill

65. South Kensington & Chelsea

South Kensington is close to the museums on Exhibition Road, the Royal Parks and more. Chelsea is an affluent and historic area – be sure to check out the Chelsea Pensioners while you’re here! More places to check out and photograph include:

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London Kensington and Chelsea sign

66. Chinatown

Chinatown in London is exactly what it sounds like – read more about the history here, and then go and take all the photos your heart desires!

Best Photography Spots in London: Most Instagrammable Cafes, Restaurants & Pubs

I’ve already listed some pubs, cafes and restaurants in previous sections, so here are others that are photo-worthy to visit and experience while in London!

67. Bridget’s Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Ride on a vintage double-decker bus from the 1960’s and experience high tea with pastries and lunch as you see the sights of London on the Bridget’s Afternoon Tea Bus Tour!

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง ๐Ÿต Get Your Tickets for Bridget’s Afternoon Tea Bus Tour Here

68. Borough Market

Visit this 1,000-year-old market at the foot of London Bridge for a taste of both history and all kinds of food – plus, you’ll find TONS of excellent photo ops! You’ll also find The Globe Tavern here, which was in the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary.

69. EL&N London

The website of EL&N touts itself as “the most instagrammable cafe in the world”, so you know you will definitely get some great Insta shots at any of their 7 London locations, at the very least! It’s absolutely decked out in pink and flowers, and there’s even a floral afternoon tea (plus, they also have locations in other places around the world like Paris, Milan and more).

70. Anchor Bankside Pub

If you’re looking for a historic, quintessential London pub to photograph, look no further – this is your spot! The Anchor is a Bankside pub that has everything you could ever want in a London pub pic. It’s over 800 years old, first opened in 1616, and is the only surviving building of its kind from the time of Shakespeare in Bankside.

71. The Cross Keys Pub

This historic Covent Garden pub is known for its amazing Victorian architecture including stone arches, pillars, and also flowers everywhere. Inside, there’s all kinds of memorabilia to discover (and photograph, of course) of pop legends, instruments and more.

72. The Albert Pub

Located in Victoria, London, The Albert was built in 1862 and has its original Victorian architecture intact, including the original wrought-iron balconies on the outside and ornate ceilings on the inside. It’s a four-story brick building, and you’ll also find historic British memorabilia inside.

73. Smithfield Market

Also known as London Central Markets, this gigantic wholesale meats market is photo-worthy because of its Grade-II Listed covered building which boasts Victorian architecture, designed by Sir Horace Jones in the 19th century, and the site has been active for meat-selling since the 12th century.

Day Trip Ideas for the Best Photography Spots in London

If you’re staying in London long enough to plan day trips, here are some nearby spots to go for amazing photos:

๐Ÿ’‚ Alexandra Palace

This historical palace is known today as a venue for concerts, sports, theatre and more, it originally opened in 1973, but had to be rebuilt following a fire. The BBC has its television service here, but you can visit the hotel, ice-skating rink, cinema, bowling alley, exhibitions, pub and get photos of a panoramic view of London from here!

You can get here from the Underground on the Piccadilly line, and buses on route W3.

๐Ÿ’‚ Richmond, London

This historic neighborhood in southwest London is known in modern times for being the location for many scenes in the award-winning TV series Ted Lasso. You can also find Richmond Palace, Georgian homes and more places to photograph, especially Richmond Riverside, the Park, and the historic pubs and bars, such as White Cross and Old Ship.

๐Ÿ’‚ Canonbury, Kentish Town & Camden Town, London

These are about 30 minutes from the center of London, but there’s a lot to do and photograph in these areas so it can easily be a day trip (or two)!

๐Ÿ‘‰ Canonbury

Canonbury is a suburb in North London in the borough of Islington that features Georgian and Victorian homes, as well as post-war council estates. Photograph places like Canonbury Tower and Square (where George Orwell lived), New River Walk with its historic aqueduct and Arlington Garden Square.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Kentish Town

Located just to the north of Camden Town, Kentish Town is an artsy neighborhood that’s also in the borough of Camden, close to Hampstead Heath. It’s known for live music, pubs and the art scene.

Here are some places in Kentish Town to visit and take photos:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Camden Town

Camden Town is a cool area known for its alternative culture. You can find so many photo opportunities here, including The Market at Camden Lock, Buck Street Market, Murals & Street Art, Primrose Hill and Hilltop Park,with Chalcot Crescent and Chalcot Square (find colorful buildings here), Regent’s Park & Regent’s Canal, the Jewish Museum London, and lots of Restaurants and Pubs.

๐Ÿ’‚ Day Trip of Stonehenge + Bath from London

This Day Trip Tour of Stonehenge + Bath brings you to Stonehenge (yes, that Stonehenge – the prehistoric site) and the town of Bath (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), where you get to actually explore by yourself for hours! You also get the choice to upgrade to add on a tour of the Roman Baths or the Jane Austen Visitor’s Center.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Book Your Day Trip Tour of Stonehenge + Bath

๐Ÿ’‚Day Trip of Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick Castle from London

This Day Trip of Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick Castle includes the birthplace of William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, plus Oxford University, Warwick Castle and the Cotswolds, which is a popular place to visit for its nature.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Book Your Day Trip of Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick Castle

๐Ÿ’‚Day Trip to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford from London

This Day Trip to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford is a bit of a combination of the others, if you want to do things differently. It includes Windsor Castle, which is the Queen of England’s second home, plus Stonehenge and Oxford. The other thing about this tour is it’s flexible, so you can choose the day for each place you want to visit.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Book Your Day Trip to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford

๐Ÿ’‚Day Trip to Canterbury, Dover Castle and Cliffs & Kent Villages

This Day Trip to Canterbury, Dover Castle and Cliffs & Kent Villages includes the above places, and you get to see the Prime Meridian Line in Greenwich, the Rochester Cathedral, and more places in Canterbury, which has a UNESCO World Heritage Cathedral; Dover, which has amazing white cliffs; Rochester; and and Kent.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Book Your Day Trip to Canterbury, Dover Castle and Cliffs & Kent Villages

๐Ÿช„ London Harry Potter Day Tour

Want to spend a day doing Harry Potter things and getting all the Potter-themed photos you can think of? This London Harry Potter Day Tour takes you to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour where you learn about the making of Harry Potter, then to Oxford, the Bodleian Library, Christ Church College and more.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Book Your London Harry Potter Day Tour

Best Photo Tours in London

Whether you’re looking for guided tours of where to take the best photos yourself, or professional photoshoots around London so you can get some amazing Instagram shots, here are the best photo tours in London:

๐Ÿ“ธ History of London Photo Tour

This private History of London Photo Tour for 2 people is led by a professional photographer, and you’ll get photos of hidden gems and London backstreets filled with history along with pro tips to help your photography improve!

๐Ÿ“ธ Book Your History of London Photo Tour

๐Ÿ“ธ Night Photography Tour in London

A professional photographer helps you take your best night photos and learn to get long exposure shots of top London landmarks in the dark on this Night Photography Tour in London! You can use a phone or DSLR, or any type of camera. Plus, you get a free photography e-book, and food and drinks unless otherwise noted. This photo tour is accessible as well.

๐Ÿ“ธ Book Your Night Photography Tour in London

๐Ÿ“ธ Professional Photo Shoot Tour in London

With this Professional Photo Shoot Tour in London, an Instagrammer with a giant following will take you to all the major hot spots and take professional photos of you for one hour, that you can then use on your Instagram, website or wherever you need them!

๐Ÿ“ธ Book Your Professional Photo Shoot Tour in London

Where to Stay in London on Any Budget

I’ve listed various hotels already that are close to other landmarks and/or are worth listing as photo-worthy sites in and of themselves – now, here are hotels listed by budget. And don’t worry, these are all also photo-worthy in their own rights!

โœ… Budget Option: The Tower Hotel

The Tower Hotel is literally right next to The Tower Bridge, and there’s even a cafe where you can enjoy your coffee while gazing at the bridge! They also have a bar and fitness center among other amenities.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Book Your Stay at The Tower Hotel

If you’re looking for even cheaper, I use HostelWorld to find the best hostels and deals!

โœ… Mid-Tier Option: Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill

The Hyatt Regency London Churchill is a 5-star hotel that’s conveniently located near Hyde Park and Oxford Street. The real draw, of course, is all the Churchill decor and nods you’ll find here to photograph!

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Book Your Stay at Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill

โœ… Luxury Option: Hotel Cafe Royal

The luxury Hotel Cafe Royal is in London’s West End – and mixes traditional with contemporary architecture and tons of amenities, like a pool and even babysitting!

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Book Your Stay at Hotel Cafe Royal

๐Ÿ‘‰ Travel Resources

For flights, WayAway is a flight aggregator that helps you find the cheapest flights. Use the code MUKI-TRAVELS for 10% off WayAway Plus.

To rent a car in London, is a great tool to use to find the best deals. Click here to rent a car in London.

Find more tips on things like travel insurance, what to pack, and more on my travel resources page.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Places to Take Pictures in London

๐Ÿ‘‰ Know what to say to the Tripod Police.

First, research locations before you use a tripod and make sure they’re not privately owned.

If the locations are public land, if security guards or other non-official police offers try to scare you from using your tripod or taking photos, kindly remind them that you have rights, and that the only person who can confiscate your camera and/or tripod is an actual police officer (and they have to have a legitimate security concern to do so).

๐Ÿ‘‰ Be prepared for cloudy and rainy photoshoots.

In London, it rains on average around 150 days per year. Since the chances are pretty good you’ll experience a few cloudy or rainy days, be prepared with equipment and camera settings.

You should also edit your photos with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to add proper color settings later, but make sure your settings are okay when you shoot so that it’s easier to edit. Shooting in RAW mode will give you bigger file sizes, which includes more info which makes them easier to edit later as well.

Make sure to bring a waterproof case and/or cover for your gear, as well as checking your exposure and white balance settings when photographing.

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Get this waterproof camera and lens case that you can put in a backpack or bag

๐Ÿ‘‰ Time of day.

Most places in London get super crowded with tourists, not to mention that lighting gets harsher the later you go out. So, if there’s a place you want really good photos with good lighting and no crowds, the earlier you can get there, the better! Aim for sunrise and get that soft, shadow-less light. You can also go at golden hour or at night for night photos.

What youโ€™ll need for London Photography

๐Ÿ‘‰ London City Pass for the Best Photography Spots in London

There are 3 types of London city passes:

  • Big City Saver: This one lasts for 90 days and you get to choose from 6 attractions and tours. Pick a card with either 2, 3, or 5 choices.
  • The London Pass: This one has unlimited attractions, and you get to choose the number of days you want it to last.
  • Go City London Explorer Pass: This one lasts 60 days and includes a limited number of sites.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Oyster Card

The Oyster Card is an Underground pass. It’s worth buying for unlimited rides, even if you’re only in London for a day.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Photography Gear for the Best Photography Spots in London

Here’s some of my favorite necessary gear for photography, for camera and/or phone:

Memory Card (for DSLR/SLR/Mirrorless): I use SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards with my DSLR, that prevents issues.

Lightweight Tripod for cameras: It’s easiest to travel with something lightweight, that you can either put in a big suitcase or carry separately.

Tripod & Selfie Stick for smartphones and GoPro: This goes up to 62″ in height, but you can make it smaller for travel.

Portable chargers/power banks: This is a pack of 2 so you can have a spare.

Portable External Hard Drive: Seagate is one of the best brands for these, and they hold up well – plus, this one is 2TB so it’ll last awhile!

Camera case insert bag: My new obsession: it’s water-resistant, and it fits into any backpack or bag! I use this to switch between my carry-on backpack and day pack.

Conclusion: 73 Best Photography Spots In London In 2023

Whether you’re looking for the most Instagrammable locations in London, photo tours that will take your photo or help you take better photos, the best indoor and outdoor photo locations or skyline photo locations, you’ll get it all in this London photography guide. I hope this helps you as you plan your trip to get the best photos in London!

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